How to get your localhost on Internet?

You are a developer, and you want to show  your work to client. But client can not come to see. Or you just want to have a opinion of your loved ones about your website before launching it.

Now what to do?

Answer is simple, pagekite.

This is best when you want your computer to be server. I will help you with installation and working.

For Windows :

  1.  download
  2. Download and install python 2.x.x from .
  3. Save it at desktop
  4. Double click to run it.

For Linux :

  1. Type CTRL+ALT+T, and paste the following in terminal.
$ curl -s |sudo bash

2. After installation, Sign up for pagekite

$ --signup

Following text will appear on terminal

Screenshot from 2016-07-14 21:14:22

This will ask you for permission, type  “y”.

3. Next enter yor email-id

4. Enter your kite name. This will work exactly like wordpress website. You have to chose a domain like I have chosen “littlebyteblog” and my full website name is In same way, your chosen domain will be where mydomain will be your chosen domain.

5. Now you have to activate your domain using instruction pagekite sent you over mail. If you do not do so, in 15 minutes, your pagekite domain will be deactivated. though, you can check your kite is working or not by visiting mydomain.pagekite,me.

6. Now, anybody see your localhost, if your local server is running.

7. If you do not have a lampp/xampp/wamp local server, then paste this with your folder path

$ /path/to/folder

8. If your folder do not have an index file, they will see just error, present a list of files by mentioning them

$ /path/to/folder +indexes

9 If you want to secure your page for limited people, you can restrict for username and password

$ 80 +password/username=password

For more visit

You can check pagekite wiki for more

Thank you for reading. If any problem occurs, let me help you.


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