How to create a free blog in a less than an hour.

You love writing. You want to create a blog but do not want to get your hands dirty. Or you do not have much time for all the crap. And you don’t want to spend a penny on it.

Okay, cool. I am here to tell you easiest way to set your blog, in less than an hour. Yeah, yeah trust me.

Okay, if you think I am just kidding, promise me a coffee if I set your blog in an hour.

Done? Okay, let us go…..

  1.  Visit
  2.  click on Create Website.
  3.  Select from the options that what your website is about. Let say I want to create blog for music reviews, So I will select Arts & Entertainment.
  4. Next is to select the design of website. Here we got 3 options, I will go through all :
    1. In first one,as you can see the design, there will be header (place where your your logo and site name will display). Then on page you will have a list of your latest posts. It is good one. It is best for news or story, video website.
    2. Your blog will have a welcome, home page here. This is what my website is built upon. I always liked this one.
    3. I like this one too. Here you will have a grid of latest posts.
  5.  Select any of these according to your need and choice.
  6.  Now select any of themes or just skip. Theme can be selected later if any of these does not suits your need. (Better to skip, just note name of theme if you like any of given).
  7. chose your domain. Like mine is “littlebyteblog”. Your domain will be extended with If your chosen domain is not present, try something else. (if you just want .com or .net or .org without wordpress, then you have to select a upgraded membership).
  8. Select free plan or skip if there is no free plan option.
  9. Enter email id, username, password.
  10.  You will get a mail to activate your wordpress account. Activate by clicking on the link in mail.
  11. Now, on your blog, At top-right, you got 3 things :
    1. Notification icon, Here you can see new followers, likes and comment on your post, and unread things.
    2. Next is user icon, here u can sign out (If you are using a computer, which is accessible to others). You can also change account and profile setting.
    3. Next is icon to write. It is for writing new posts. (Don’t jump to posting right now. You still got things to set up).
  12. At top-left there is “My Site” button. click there. A panel will pop up. Brief about them :
    1. Add New WordPress : If you want to have another website. Like I also want to have a movie review website.
    2. Stats : Stats about your blog like number of visitor and followers.
    3. Blog Posts : same as write icon on right side. To write new posts.
    4. Pages : To create new page for your blog. Like You want an ABOUT AUTHOR page.
    5. Themes : It is most important. If had not selected a theme at step 6, select here by clicking on theme. If you have already selected then click on Customize.
    6. Menus : select and add menu at menu locations. Menu are like you see as Home, About us. Select Menu and Menu location. Mainly we have primary menu location where we add home and contact page.

Theme Customization :

From point 5 of step 12, You selected theme. Now activate it. And then customize it. You will see a panel for customization. It will make your blog look good and in a way you want it to look. Try everything in customization (Don’t forget to save your changes, check if it looks good or not).

add wp-admin in end of your url to visit admin page and make changes to your blog.


You are good to go now. Cancle everything. Click on write icon and start writing.

Happy Blogging


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